All the facts on Coolsculpting & Fat freezing

Well, firstly to clear things up for you, Coolsculpting and fat freezing are exactly the same thing. So don’t let all these online articles confuse you with all the different names they list. Clinics from across the world have a tendency to name a particular treatment or machine after their brand name, or simply a name that they came up with that relates to their brand, don’t fall for it, they all do the same thing!

So.. The most in-demand treatment at this time of year is most definitely, the fat-freezing Coolsculpt treatment and we’re here to pour out some facts for you.

The Facts

Fat freezing treatment is proven to reduce fat by up to 40%, after just one treatment. We’re not talking weight loss, but inch loss and body-contouring.

What areas can I have treated?

The stomach (belly fat, muffin top and pregnancy pouches), abdomen, back and flanks (love handles) and even the thighs can all be targeted. The best bit, men can finally get rid of their man boobs that they hate so much and for the gym enthusiasts that have caused them selves gynecomastia, this can also be removed with fat freezing.

The Proof

Fat freezing machines have been FDA approvedwhich means it’s proven to work!

Does it hurt?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t hurt at all.

A gel pad is placed on the area and a suction applicator vacuum’s in you’re your skin and fat. It’s often described as an odd sensation, a little uncomfortable but the coldness makes the area go numb after a few minutes. Afterwards the area is raised as the fat cells have been brought to the surface. The area is then massaged and the body gets to work, breaking down and metabolising the fat out of the body.

What do the patients say?

One of our patients said:

“I had a holiday coming up so I decided to take action. 12 weeks after getting fat freezing done I could not believe the results I was seeing, the stubborn bulge that had dominated my wardrobe choices for 10 years was flatter, firmer, visibly disappearing. I feel great. I couldn’t recommend the treatment more”.

Another patient said:

“Massive visible reduction in fat which seems as though it would never have gone without it”

There’s a hundred more stories like this and someone, somewhere, right now is in the process of freezing their fat away. Don’t be the last one to join in – Send us an email on or just hit the button below and book your self in for a 1 to 1.

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