Anti Cellulite Treatment
Anti Cellulite Treatment (Non-Surgical)
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What Is It?

Anti Cellulite Treatment uses radio frequency waves to defeat unwanted fatty deposits in combination with cellulite. This High Definition treatment is used to provide a better lymphatic and blood circulation by decreasing water retention as well as improving skin elasticity.

As we age fatty cells start to push against the tissue wall, making skin appear crumpled or bumpy. Although, cellulite is largely genetic, some patients cellulite may derive from a significant weight gain or loss. Majority of patients prefer to treat their cellulite in order to improve the appearance and boost their confidence for that perfect bikini body.

How Does It Work?

Our High Definition applicator uses radio frequency waves to gently massage the skins surface by remobilising fatty deposits and causing connective tissue strands to loosen and eventually reducing the dimpled skin. In turn, giving the skin a much smoother and tighter appearance.

This Anti-Cellulite-Treatment is pain free and relaxing whilst providing you with an improved appearance of the treated areas.  Feel free to book a consultation and tailor your appointment on your lunch break whilst enjoying a cup of tea with us.

Sessions Price
1 Session £129

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