Carbon Laser Facial
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The carbon laser facial is a relatively new concept, yet it’s already one of our most popular facial treatments here at The Clinic Room. The carbon laser facial is designed to help even out skin tone, brighten complexion, reduce scars and tighten pores as well as preventing breakouts by killing acne bacteria. The procedure itself is quick and very effective, producing results in as little as few days. However, you will notice a marked improvement in results with each session. The carbon laser facial is suitable for people of various ages and treats an assortment of ailments. In essence, what this facial does is cleanse the face of any impurities; this is a necessary step in maintaining clear skin, making the procedure a universally loved facial treatment.
The way the carbon laser facial works is very simple and not invasive in the slightest, compared to some of the other treatments out there. Our practitioners at The Clinic Room will ensure that you are comfortable and at ease throughout the whole procedure. Prepping your face for the carbon laser will involve the practitioner applying a layer of carbon paste, which will penetrate your pores. The purpose of the carbon paste is to absorb and essentially “cling to” any impurities within your skin so that the laser can eradicate them. When the practitioner runs the laser across your face, the carbon particles (and impurities they’ve clung to) will burst, resulting in a deeply exfoliating effect. The procedure also stimulates collagen production and minimises pores which results in a smoother complexion.


Areas Price
1 Session £109 (usually £169)

Frequently Asked Questions

Within 5-7 days.

For optimum results we would recommend 3 – 6 sessions, although everyone is different. Your practitioner will advise you on how many sessions you will need.

No, this procedure is painless.

Slight redness which will fade shortly following procedure.

Risks and side effects are very minimal. You may experience some redness post procedure.

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