Chin Augmentation
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What Is It?

The non-surgical Chin Augmentation (also known as Chin Enhancement or Chin Correction) is a treatment which is mostly used for profile balancing. What we mean by profile balancing is for example adjusting a back-set chin to be positioned in a more proportionate way in relation to the nose and lips, which in turn balances out the side profile. Dermal Filler can be added to the chin in order to create a more defined and contoured appearance. Another benefit to the chin augmentation procedure is that it can be used to correct a dimpled chin if this is particularly bothersome to you. Many of our clients here at The Clinic Room tend to opt for a Jawline Contouring/Augmentation procedure alongside this one, as the treatments tend to complement each other and allow for a sculpted and fully finished look.

How Does It Work?

After an initial consultation, your medical practitioner will apply a numbing agent to the area and then carefully inject the filler into the chin using a needle or cannula to create a more defined and contoured look. This procedure is pretty much painless due to the numbing agent used and provides results in a matter of minutes.

Session Price
1 Session £299 – £389

Frequently Asked Questions

We are results focused rather than quantity focused and use as much ml as needed to complete the treatment in a safe manner which produce visible results.

Up to 12-24 Months.

Yes, we use a topical numbing agent to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Little swelling and slight redness.

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