Cosmelan Peel
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If you’ve suffered with pigmentation / Melasma for a while now and feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, the cosmelan peel may be the answer for you. A revolutionary treatment designed to eliminate pigmentation which may have been caused by an assortment of different factors and built up over time. The cosmelan peel is currently the highest strength peel on the market which is able to restore you back to having smooth and even-skin once again.
The way that the cosmelan peel or the depigmentation treatment (as many call it) works is through a 4-step method which must be followed precisely in order to achieve the desired results. During your initial consultation, your practitioner will assess your skin and ask you questions so that they can get a better understanding of what caused the pigmentation and which variation of the treatment is necessary. The first step of this procedure is skin preparation and a kit which is part of your depigmentation program will be given to you to apply prior to coming in for your treatments. The second & third step will take place in-clinic, where your practitioner will complete a mini peel for you just ahead of time for the high strength depigmentation peel. At your next visit the practitioner will apply the cosmelan mask all over your face (not exclusively on areas of pigmentation) which will then need to be kept on for 8-12 hours before you can wash it off. Finally, following the cosmelan mask you will be given a cosmelan take home kit which will then help protect your skin and maintain your results.


Areas Price
1 Session £899 – £1200

Frequently Asked Questions

Results are gradual and is usually seen after a course of treatments.

2 – 4 weeks.

This is a gradual process due to the peeling and shedding of the skin. Once this is over, you will be left with smooth, bright, rejuvenated and glowing skin, however results vary per individual. Approximate peel duration is 2-4 weeks.

After the first 2 weeks you can return to work.

Permanent dependent on maintenance and lifestyle.

Your practitioner will be able to create a plan for you during your initial consultation which will outline the steps you need to take and how many procedures you may need in the future, if needed.

No anaesthesia is needed for this treatment.

You can except some itching or burning and a feeling of the skin becoming tighter and smoother; these are all perfectly normal side effects. Following the cosmelan mask, your skin will peel to reveal a newer and smoother layer of skin, free from pigmentation.

Yes, absolutely. Your practitioner can arrange an instalment plan for you if required.

Risks and side effects are very minimal. You may experience some redness post procedure.

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