Liquid Nose Job / Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
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What Is It?

A non-surgical rhinoplasty (non-surgical nose job or liquid nose job) is a semi-permanent method of altering your nose shape with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers. Dermal fillers can be used to sharpen the form and structure of your nose to your desired look. They can be used to straighten the nose bridge or refine the tip to achieve a more polished profile and overall smoother appearance. This procedure is a wonderful alternative to the traditional rhinoplasty for a number of reasons; a non-surgical nose job is simple, non-invasive, super quick and requires no downtime while still achieving extraordinarily similar results to a surgical nose job. To add further, if for any reason you didn’t love your result post procedure, we could dissolve the filler instantly, reversing its effects.

How Does It Work?

After a consultation and evaluation of your nose, a practitioner would create a bespoke plan for you in order to achieve your desired final result. Our experts would then carefully inject dermal filler into the nose, using their medical knowledge and keen eye to sculpt. Here at The Clinic Room we are committed to helping you attain the perfect look for you and with the non-surgical rhinoplastyand we can easily make the most ‘hooked’ or ‘bumpy’ noses look completely straight and tipped. However, each person’s nose is unique and everyone will have a different end goal, which is why the procedure will be tailor-fit to your needs. In today’s era there are thousands of medical practitionersand aesthetics clinics who are able to administer and perform your liquid nose jobs safely and effectively, however when deciding which practitioner or clinic to choose, just make sure they have an artistic eye to attain the look that you really want.

A Liquid Nose job can be used to do the following:

• Straighten and fill ridges and bumps on the nose
• Heighten and point the tip of the nose
• Correct nose positioning
• Soften the appearance of the bridge
• Minor reduction of nostril size

Session Price
1 Session £349 – £449

Frequently Asked Questions

We are results focused rather than quantity focused and use as much ml as needed to complete the treatment in a safe manner which produce visible results.

Up to 12-24 Months.

Yes, we use a topical numbing agent to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Little swelling and slight redness.

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