Miracle Eye Program
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The Miracle Eye treatment is The Clinic Room’s exclusive multi-step program for completely rejuvenated and renewed under eyes! This treatment is designed to ultimately tighten, brighten and illuminate the under-eye area, eliminating dark circles and under-eye bags whilst leaving you with a more open and refreshed look. Each person is different which means that everyone will need a variation of the treatments that will suit them. Following a free consultation, our practitioners will provide you with a unique plan, tailor-made just for you in order to achieve the results you want. If you’re tired of looking tired, and want a flawless look for your under eyes, our Miracle Eye Program might just be your best bet.
The Miracle Eye programs creation and development has been honed over the last 5 years from combined experience of our founders and hundreds of trials and errors. We have refined and perfected this treatment to such a degree that we can proudly say that we’re able to almost guarantee a 97% success rate for each individual. Whether it’s under-eye bags, hollowness, wrinkles, creases or dark circles and if surgery isn’t an option for you, there is a non-surgical protocol designed for each individual with evidence based results.

Session Price
 Program Cost £800 – £1800

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This treatment is exclusive to The Clinic Room.

We may use any one of the 5 treatments or a combination of several. This will be decided in the initial free consultation by your practitioner who will create a personalised plan for you.

Instant – 3 days

Results can be seen throughout the treatment, however most optimum results are are seen at your final session.

This varies from person to person. However, it can range from 12 months to permanent results, dependent on the lifestyle of the individual.

Risks and side effects are very minimal. You may experience minimal swelling and slight redness post procedure.

Yes, absolutely. Finance options are available and a practitioner will be able to put this together for you at your consultation.

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