Tear Trough Fillers (Eye Bags/Hollowness Reduction)
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What Is It?

Tear Trough refers to the area that surrounds the lower eye lid and the outer corner of the eye, where we can often develop bags which can make us look tired and in some cases, old beyond our years. A person’s complexion can be made to appear very hollow and sunken in when dark circles appear under the eyes, whether it be due to genetics or lifestyle. Dermal fillers can ‘fill in’ the space between the eyes and cheeks, which has a lifting effect and eliminates the appearance of dark circles, creating a much brighter and open appearance to the face. These fillers can last anywhere between 12-24 months with no downtime and absolutely instant results.

How Does It Work?

After an initial consultation, our medical practitioners here at The Clinic Room will apply a numbing agent to the area and then carefully inject the filler in the tear trough which will noticeably reduce the darkness of the under eyes and create an overall brighter appearance. The treatment is carried out via a cannula (which is round tipped), making the treatment super safe and pretty much pain-free as multiple incisions aren’t necessary. The tear trough procedure is super quick and satisfying with instant results and no need for any downtime.

Session Price
1 Session £389 – £429

Frequently Asked Questions

We are results focused rather than quantity focused and use as much ml as needed to complete the treatment in a safe manner which produce visible results.

Up to 12-24 Months.

Yes, we use a topical numbing agent to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Little swelling and slight redness.

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