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Cheek Filler

Cheek Filler

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Cheek fillers are injections that increase the volume above and around the cheeks. This creates the appearance of a more defined bone structure. Cheek fillers can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines by injecting volume beneath the skin's surface.

What is it?

When it comes to cheek augmentation, the desired end goal is almost always more modelesque and sculpted cheekbones. Non-surgical cheek augmentation is the easy, quick and non-invasive way of achieving the look you want. By using dermal fillers, we can make flat, undefined cheek bones moulded and refined. For any of our more mature clients, the cheek augmentation procedure can restore volume and definition to the cheeks and face which in turn will create a more youthful and polished look. This procedure is virtually painless and very quick, requiring minimal downtime, which means you can get sculpted cheekbones in the space of about 20-30 minutes. You will see your results instantly. However, if for any reason you were dissatisfied with your results, it would only take our practitioners 5 minutes to dissolve the filler and reverse the effects of the procedure. Making this a safer and less permanent procedure than the surgical alternative. The results can last 12-18 months, dependant on your lifestyle.

How does it work?

After an initial consultation, practitioners at The Clinic Room will apply a numbing agent to the area and then carefully inject the filler along the cheekbones to create a more defined and contoured look. This procedure is much less expensive and so much safer than a surgical cheek augmentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the procedure takes?

20 - 30 Minutes

How much ml do you use?

Everyone’s lips are different, so 1ml for one person will be different for another. Our procedure is result focused rather than quantity focused.

How long is recovery?

The recovery is instant – 3 days.

How soon can I see the results?

The results will be visible instantly.

When can I return to work?

You can return to work immediately.

How long will the results last?

Between 6-18 months (dependant on lifestyle).

Is there a need for anaesthesia?

Yes, we use a topical numbing agent to make the procedure as painless as possible.

What are the risks?

Swelling, slight redness, temporary numbness and minor bruising which fade quickly following the procedure.